The Process

Each mosaic is custom designed to the individual client and environment in which it is to exist.
This begins with a decision on size and shape, which is typically left to the discretion of the client.
Next, a general color scheme is decided upon using a color palette and material samples. This could be a specific choice such as, "I want blue, green and silver", or something more general such as, "I want warm colors".
Then using photos, a verbal description, or even a personal visit to the new home of the mosaic to be created, a decision on style can be made. The style greatly influences the materials chosen. For example, classic Greek architecture would probably call for more marble or unglazed ceramic. A Victorian interior design may lend itself more to the use of stained glass tesserae, or an ultra-modern environment may allow for the use of metallic vitreous glass and colored mirror.
For all projects, the base of the mosaic is first created and then each piece of hand-cut glass (or other material) is adhered individually. The possibilities are endless.

Time/Cost Estimates
Since each mosaic project is a unique piece of art, the cost and time required for design and construction can vary widely. However, all project estimates are affected by the following three factors:

- Materials
- Size
- Complexity of Design.

Standard mosaic materials include vitreous glass, mirror, stained glass, ceramic, marble, smalti, and semi-precious stones. These materials can range from $7 to $50 or more per square foot.
Additional materials may include, beads, jewelry, shells, fossils, metal, and other found items. These are the materials that truly add interest, detail, and intricacy to a piece of art, but are nearly impossible to accurately estimate on a cost basis.

This factor is greatly influenced by complexity of design but can be roughly estimated at 1 square foot per day.

Complexity of Design The layout of a mosaic can range from a very simple Opus Regulatum (brick-like) layout, to an extremely intricate Opus Vermiculatum style including found objects and fine details that are not immediately recognizable. Although there is a wide variety of layout style and complexity, it should not be assumed that a simple layout is detrimental to the overall beauty of a piece. To the contrary, often times a simple presentation truly highlights the beauty of the materials used.
The wide range of cost and time that the above factors can produce may generate an estimate of anywhere from $200 to $1,000 per square foot for the finished product.

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